If you play sports, you should keep two things in mind related to your vision: protection and optical precision.

Sports lenses protect the wearer's eyes. Sports like tennis, baseball, softball, and racquetball may see ball speeds of 90mph or more. In baseball alone, there are over 500,000 injuries per year! The most eye injuries occur in basketball, where an elbow or a finger jabbed into the eye can cause corneal abrasions, fractured bones, retinal detachments, or even blindness. Polycarbonate and trivex lenses are more resistant to impact than glass or plastic and offer protection for 90% of eye injuries. Protective eyewear fits well, features a padded bridge, has prescription or non-prescription lenses, and more deeply grooved eyewires to prevent lenses from falling out.

Call Advanced Eyecare today for more information about sport lenses. We can recommend eyewear that will offer superior protection and will help you to take your athletic performance to the next level. We'll help you keep your eye on the ball and keep the ball out of your eye.


Advanced Eyecare is dealer authorized to assist you with both prescription and non-prescription sun wear needs. We are dedicated to offering you the latest in sun wear technology to meet your every outdoor need!


How about a sun sensitive lens? We offer polarized lenses that reduce reflection and glare while adapting to changing light conditions. Lightweight frame materials and custom side shields supply comfort and needed coverage. Available in prescription single vision, bifocal and progressive lens designs.


We can show you how to improve your game with high contrast lens colors and custom prescription lenses. Frames with modified bridges and rimless edges give you the best view available and offer some unique solutions to problems involving peripheral limitation and discomfort.


A great solution for anyone who enjoys biking is a sunglass with impact resistant interchangeable lenses. You have a lot of demands on your vision and need different lenses for different light conditions. We can now offer multi sport sunglasses with interchangeable lens colors in your prescription. Imagine the possibilities.


Skiing with prescription lenses can be an obstacle when it comes to the perfect ski day. We can help you choose a ski goggle that incorporates your prescription into an adapter or right into the goggle front. Newer designed goggles are available with a battery pack air exchange system that increases ventilation and decreases fogging. New designs in goggle sheilds allow for polarization and photochromatic options. We offer Oakley and Smith ski goggles that fit over most prescription eyewear.


If your interests run toward sporting clay or target shooting, we have glasses that can help. Choosing the right tint can sharpen depth of field, enhance contrast, and filter specific light rays. Tested and proven spring metal frames with adjustable height bridges set the standard for sport shooting.

Team Doctors

Team Doctors for Montana State University

By maintaining close relationships with players and staff athletic trainers, we—as MSU team optometrists—ensure quick recoveries from on-field injuries and provide the guidance needed to help.

Meet Our Doctors

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